Tesla catches fire – again…. yawn!

A Tesla vehicle that was already being investigated as the potential cause of a garage fire two months ago has caught on fire again and completely burned down after being transported to a new location.

On the morning of February 8, 2019, a Tesla owner and resident of Fox Chapel, a suburb of Pittsburgh, woke up to his garage in flames.

The firefighters came and were able to control the fire, but the two vehicles inside the garage, including a Tesla, were damaged.

The Tesla vehicle was reportedly being investigated as a potential cause of the fire and yesterday, it was transported to a shop in Monroeville to be inspected, but it caught on fire (again) a few hours after it got there.

David Bizzak, a forensic engineer involved in the investigation, said:

“We removed the car from the garage. A Tesla engineer removed the fuse from the battery pack prior to transport, indicating that would make the car safe for transport. We brought it here to Monroeville, arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon, and about 6:20, the car spontaneously caught fire.”

Last year, the battery pack of a Tesla Model S caught on fire in Los Angeles seemingly on its own without any accident and Tesla said that it was an ‘extraordinarily unusual occurrence’. They are still investigating the cause.

In 2016, a Tesla Model S caught on fire during a test drive event in France without any impact.