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Automotive Disaster

Why Tesla cars catching fire is more FATAL than ICE cars catching fire

Most of us know by now that Tesla car’s Panasonic lithium-ion batteries are located right underneath the passenger compartment. FACTS What type of batteries do Tesla cars use? The batteries that Tesla has been using, sourced from Panasonic, for its Model S electric car are a lithium-ion battery with a cathode that is a combination of a lithium, nickel, cobalt, aluminum oxide. Why do lithium …


OCD and Sexual Dysfunction

If you have OCD, you know that it can be difficult to establish and maintain an intimate relationship. A major barrier for many people with OCD engaging in a romantic relationship is problems related to sexual functioning. OCD and Sexual Dysfunction For many people, one of the key ingredients required for a healthy romantic relationship is …


Black rain frog

The black rain frog is a species of frogs in the family Brevicipitidae. It is endemic to South Africa. Scientific name: Breviceps fuscus Habitat: According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the grumpy frog only lives in the mountains of South Africa. Lifestyle: Breviceps fuscus is typically dark brown or nearly …