Lufthansa flight Passenger dies after reportedly losing ‘liters of blood’

A 63-year-old man died on an international Lufthansa flight on Thursday after “liters of blood” gushed from his nose and mouth, according to multiple reports.

The unidentified man boarded flight LH773 from Bangkok to Munich with a woman believed to be his wife on Thursday, according to Swiss-German news outlet Blick.

Witnesses Martin and Karin Missfelder told Blick they were sitting one row behind the man, and that he looked unwell when he boarded the plane. The Missfelders told the outlet he had “cold sweats” and was “breathing much too quickly” in a translated quote. The man’s wife said his condition was due to the couple rushing to catch the flight.

Karin Missfelder told Blick the man’s symptoms worried the crew but they allowed the man to remain on the flight. She said her concerns for the man persisted and she told a flight attendant a doctor should examine the man.

Karin Missfelder told the outlet the plane’s captain arrived and briefly spoke to the man, at which point he called for a doctor over the loudspeaker. A Polish man around 30 years old came and briefly examined the man.

Martin Missfelder said the doctor didn’t do much to treat the man beyond checking his pulse and asking him how he felt.

“They then gave him a little chamomile tea, but he already spit blood into the bag that his wife held out to him,” Martin Missfelder said in a translated quote.

Martin Missfelder also told Blick that at one point, blood gushed out of the man’s nose and mouth and that the man lost “liters of blood,” some of which splattered onto the plane’s walls.

“It was absolute horror. Everyone was screaming,” Martin Missfelder told Blick in a translated quote.