Tesla Explodes on Impact Burning Passengers Alive

Mother and daughter killed in Santa Clara Tesla crash – YouTube

Here are some common reasons for fires in Tesla cars:

Battery Damage: The most common cause of fires in electric vehicles is damage to the battery pack. This damage can occur due to accidents, collisions, or other impacts that puncture or crush the battery cells, leading to a thermal runaway situation where the cells overheat and catch fire. Tesla has implemented numerous safety features and engineering designs to minimize the risk of battery fires.

Electrical Issues: Fires can also occur due to electrical issues, such as short circuits or faulty wiring. These issues can potentially lead to overheating and fires if not properly addressed.

Charging Problems: Overcharging, using improper charging equipment, or charging with damaged cables can lead to overheating and potentially fires in the battery pack. Modern electric vehicles, including Teslas, have built-in safety systems to prevent overcharging, but problems can still occur if there are issues with the charging equipment.

External Factors: Fires can be caused by external factors such as debris on the road, which can damage the undercarriage and potentially ignite a fire, or arson, where someone intentionally sets the vehicle on fire.